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Vertical Lines

Teaching, Learning & Community


George (Chip) Greenidge, Jr. is the Founder and Director of the Greatest MINDS. He is currently completing his doctorate at Georgia State University in the Departments of Sociology and African American Studies with a concentration in Race and Urban Studies. He received his master's degree in Human Development & Psychology from Harvard University Graduate School of Education, and his bachelor's degree in Political Science and International Studies from Morehouse College. He is originally from the Boston & Cambridge, Massachusetts area. 

Chip Greenidge has served in many capacities throughout his career in the fields of non-profit, government, philanthropy, and education. Most recently, he was President of the Boston Empowerment Zone, a federally funded HUD initiative aimed at economic investment in U.S. urban neighborhoods and the Founder and Executive Director of the National Black College Alliance, Inc., a nonprofit focused on providing alumni mentors to college and high school students. His work as a convener has also been recognized locally and nationally by several organizations including the Aspen Institute, National Urban League, and the Independent Sector.


Roxbury Pioneer Award - Roxbury Community College


GSU Provost Dissertation Fellowship - Georgia State University


GSU Carl V. Patton Social Justice Award

2022 - 2025

Affiliated Faculty, Researcher, Advisory Board,& Center for Antiracist Research, Boston University


Fellow, Create-X Program, Georgia Tech

2021 - 2023

Visiting Fellow, Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation, Harvard Kennedy School

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Dexter Ward
Class of 2022

Professor Greenidge showed our class a lot of things and took us to a lot of places for exploration. I learned some things about how ancestors were treated in slavery, and how we are portrayed in the world as blacks. It was a fun class I had a great professor. Another thing that I learned in his class what professors expect. Professor Greenidge would always correct students and make sure they were doing the right things during class.

Patricia Perez
Class of 2020

The great disposition of Professor Greenidge to aid students to succeed throughout this very difficult semester was a key for the class. He created the perfect atmosphere for us to freely express ourselves, our problems, and come up with solutions together.

Ryana Smith
Class of 2019

Mr. Greenidge is the truth: he doesn't just preach things to us; he shows us, he invites us to join things, and he pushes us to do more. but overall, I can say I learned three major things - get more out of college than just a degree, go to class and keep investing in yourself as you grow.

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