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My College Freshmen get a "Surprise Visit" from GSU President M. Brian Blake

I gave my summer freshman class at Georgia State University - the Class of 2026 - a big treat last summer.

We were talking about the history of GSU, and I asked one question - if they knew who their college president at Georgia State University was. Some of them said "YES" Some said "No". So I immediately pulled up his bio on the GSU website and shared with the whole class who he was. I also had the student read his recent article in the recent GSU Magazine. Moreover, of course, I gave them a simulation test to make it real for them. What would you actually say if you met President Blake in an elevator? So the class before today - I practiced elevator speeches with everyone on what they would say if they met the President of GSU in an elevator. To drill this point home, before class today I practiced the elevator speeches with everyone and had them recite what they would say if they met the President of GSU in an elevator.

Picture of President M. Brian Blake

On a quick whim, I asked President M. Brian Blake the day before to meet these new freshmen with a quick surprise visit in class at the University Career Services. He said "YES".

The class was blown away when President Blake actually walked into the room making today an amazing experience for them. We were able to connect their College To Career experiences as well as share with them great resources at Career Services. Big shout out to Catherine Neiner at University Career Services for providing the space and support today.

Students were so excited that they got to meet their college president. The questions that they asked were very thoughtful and informative (and well-rehearsed).

Big shout out to Greatest MINDS and the Student Innovation Club, two GSU campus organizations, Student Success: First-Year & Transition Programs, and the College of Arts & Sciences.

And again to President Blake - I speak on behalf of the class, we all appreciated your time, vision, and efforts to make GSU a stronger and better institution. Thank you for your inspirational talk and visit. #thestateway

Pictured ( R to L ): George (Chip) Greenidge, Jr., GSU Sociology Ph.D. Candidate, Catherine Neiner, Director of University Career Services and GSU President M. Brian Blake.

CLASS OF 2026 meet with President Blake

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