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Recent Appointments on the Boston University's Center for Antiracist Research and Atrius Health

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Recent Appointments on the Boston University's Center for Antiracist Research and Atrius Health (Harvard Vanguard) Advisory Boards

by George R. Greenidge, Jr.

Since I have been back in Boston, I have been looking to spend my time on projects, boards, and commissions on topics I really care about. Especially after the Covid-19 epidemic, I have been focusing my work on the social determinants which are some of the main factors that impact Black Bostonian's health, education, income, well-being, and quality of life. These two opportunities represent my passion, commitment, and research interests.

I just was appointed to the Boston Stakeholder Advisory Board of the new Boston University's Center for Antiracist Research (CAR). The Center for Antiracist Research convenes researchers and practitioners from various disciplines to figure out novel and practical ways to understand, explain, and solve seemingly intractable problems of racial inequity and injustice. This advisory board is made up of antiracist practitioners, students, faculty, community members (i.e., people most directly harmed by racist policies and organizing toward antiracist policies), and others who are interested in bringing their expertise and experience to bear on the Center’s work with our local community and deep commitment to its antiracist future. The advisory board will focus on many areas however this year will focus on health equity work and provide guidance as the Center launches The Boston Social Determinants of Health Initiative, a city-wide health system aimed at eradicating health inequities for children and families. Examples include access to healthy and culturally relevant food; safe places to live, work, and play; enough income and wealth to weather hardships; antiracist healthcare providers; and time for leisure and rest. I am excited and looking forward to working with the Center's Founder Ibram X. Kendi - and his staff and many researchers. Here is the board announcement: Here is more information to learn about the Center for Antiracist Research:

Last month, I was also appointed to the seven-member Advisory Board for Atrius Health (Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates). I am so excited to work with their medical staff and improve patient care for individuals and the community. Atrius Health's vision is to transform care to improve lives by striving to partner with our patients and communities to make it easier to be healthy. Atrius Health (Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates), is an American not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, and the largest independent physician-led healthcare organization in the Northeast. As an advisory member, my role will be to provide a valuable and positive impact on patient experience by sharing input and ideas about how to improve patient care, service, and safety. Looking forward to hearing about all of your experiences.

In addition, the responsibilities of advisory board members include:

  • Listening to patients, family members of patients, and parents of pediatric patients with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives.

  • Partnering with and advocating for the diverse needs of our patients and their families

  • Seeing beyond their own experience and listening to and respecting multiple points of view

  • Speaking comfortably in a group and actively engaging in process improvement

  • Sharing personal experiences in ways that others can learn from

  • Committing to the vision and goals of the Patient and Family Advisory Council

  • Enthusiastically supporting the overall mission of Atrius Health and, helping to design new ways of delivering high-quality, patient-centered healthcare.

Here is more information to learn about Atrius Health -

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